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Black Tahitian Pearl Jewellery Tips and Trends

April 12th, 2013 by Identiti Web Development | Category: Gifts Pearls Rings | Tags:

From the warmer waters of the Pacific Ocean, the Black Tahitian Pearl, traditionally enjoyed by royals and jewellery collectors, has become more and more affordable for women and men around the world to enjoy.

Also known as the ‘diamond’ of pearl varieties, Tahitian Pearls come in a vast array of colours including: silver-grey, bronze, black, blue, purple and greenish black. Some will be perfectly smooth with a matte look, while others will have a few imperfections with a shimmery metallic look. Their elegance and uniqueness make it difficult for jewellers to even find a perfect pair to set in earrings.

Tahitian Pearls come in all different shapes and sizes. Water friction and the length of time underwater causes different shaped pearls and small imperfections that add to their uniqueness are caused by sand particles in the oysters shell. Round and semi-round pearls are the most rare and hence expensive pearls, followed by drop and button shapes. Circled and baroque pearls offer a cheaper option, but they still make elegant jewellery pieces. When choosing your size, black pearls usually range from 9mm to 11-12mm. Pearls over 14-15mm are considered very large and very rare.

Tahitian Pearls are very versatile, whether you choose to wear one large shimmering pearl or a strand of uniquely matched pearls; you can even match your black pearls with your own jewellery wardrobe for a contemporary and stylish look. Short length necklaces give a classic stylish appearance while long necklaces give a casual modern appearance and can be worn wrapped twice around the neck.

Treat yourself or your loved one and invest in a timeless piece of Tahitian Pearl jewellery.

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, what better gift than some Tahitian Pearls! Browse our online pearl collection or come and visit us in store, we would love to help you select the perfect pearls for your Mum or loved one.

Jon Cox & the G. W. Cox My Jeweller Team